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Bev de Jong




2003                       Belles-Arts, Sculpture, San Miguel, Mexico

1975 -1976           Cranbrook Academy of Art, Metalsmithing, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

1969                       Haystack Mountain School of Crafts Deer Isle, Maine

1962 –1967          Alberta College of Art Calgary, Alberta


Selected Juried and Invitational Exhibitions

2011                       Feminine Edge Bartlett Gallery, Alton Mill, Alton Ontario

2010                       Outdoor Sculpture Show Alton Mill Gallery, Alton Ontario

2010                       Party of Three Williams Mill Gallery, Glen Williams, Ontario

2010                       Jewelry Feature OCC Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

2010                       Rainbow cinema Gallery One Show, Kensington Market, Toronto, Ontario

2008                       No Place Like Home Williams Mill Gallery, Glen Williams, Ontario

2007                       Headwaters open studio tour, Caledon

2007                       Abstract Arta Gallery, distillery District, Toronto, Ontario

2003, 2004           CACY* juried and invitational exhibitions, Caledon East

2003                       Beverly de Jong - one person show,  *new* Distillery District, Toronto, Ontario

2003                       Positive Space - three-person show, Beaux-Arts Gallery, Brampton, Ontario

2002                       Inside/Out  de Jong & Rodman the Williams Mill Gallery, Glen Williams

2002                       Selected for exhibition the Hummingbird Center, Toronto

2000                       Whitney Gallery Peel Heritage Complex one person show,Brampton, Ontario

2000                       Passionate Pursuits - five person show , the Williams Mill Gallery, Glen Williams

2000-2001            Looking Forward, New Views of the Craft Object OCC, Toronto & area

1986                       Mentors' Choice, Ontario Crafts Council Gallery, Toronto

1985                       Bev de Jong –Gallery House Sole, Georgetown, ON

1984                       S.N.A.G.* Mitchell Museum, Mt. Vernon, U.S.A.

  • A Measure of Success, Graduates of A. C. A. 1963-1984, Alberta College of Art Gallery, Calgary

1981                       Society of North American Goldsmiths Show University of Kansas, Kansas, USA

1981                       Craftsman of the Month Harbourfront, Toronto, Ontario

1980                       Metalmorphics – three person show, Ontario Crafts Council Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

1978                       Burlington Cultural Center Exhibition, Burlington, Ontario

1978           O. C. C. *Show for 10th International Sculpture Conference York University, Toronto, Ontario

1978                       Crafts ’78 Slide Survey of Contemporary Crafts OCC.* Traveling Show, Ontario

1975                       Fiber Clay & Metal Alberta College of Art, Calgary, Alberta

1975                       Banff Archives Banff School of fine art, Banff, Alberta

1975                       Alberta Artists Invitational Show Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta

1974                       Environment ’74 Edmonton Art Gallery

1974                       Alberta College of Art Staff Show Calgary, Alberta

1974                       Alberta Artists Abroad Sapporo, Japan

1974                       Canadian National Exhibition           Toronto, Ontario

1974                       Profile World Craft Conference, Toronto

1973                       Banff Center School Show Banff, Alberta

1973                       de Jong & Samuelson Graphics 8 Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

1972                       Haystack Mountain School of Craft Cleveland, Ohio Gorham, Main & Nashua, N.H.

1971                       Alberta College of Art Staff Show Alberta College of Art, Calgary

1971                       Festival Canada National Art Center, Ottawa

1971                       Three Woman Goldsmith’s Show Halifax College of Arts & Design, Halifax, Nova Scotia

1970                       Canadian Guild of Craft Show C.N.E., Toronto

1970                       Goldsmith '70 Museum of Contemporary Crafts, New York, New York, USA

1970                       Environment '70 Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta

1969                       Crafts Dimensions Canada Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Ontario

1968                       Three Person Jewellery and Holloware Show University of Calgary, Alberta

1969                       Environment ’69 Calgary, Alberta

1967                       Expo ’67                Montreal, Quebec


  • S.N.A.G. society of North American Goldsmiths

  • O.C.C. Ontario Crafts Council          

  • CACY Caledon Arts for children and youth


Grants and Awards

1967       I.O.D.E. Scholarship

1968       Alberta Government Exhibition Commission                 Purchase for shows Abroad

1969       Alberta Government Exhibition Commission                 Purchase for shows Abroad

1969       Canada Council                                                                  “Travel Grant”

1969       Craft Dimensions Canada                                                “Special Award”

1978       Ontario Crafts '78 Ontario Craft Council                         "Best in Show Award"

1978       Ontario Crafts '78 Royal Trust Corporation    “Award for Excellence”

1978       Ontario Crafts '78 Eaton Foundation Award                  "Best Original Jewelry"

1980       Visual Arts, Mississauga                                    "Honorable Mention"

1981       November Craft Fair, Guelph Artists Choice for “Best Metal”

2000       re:Vision Show, Georgetown                             “John Sommer Award of Excellence”



vol. 3, no.2, 1970 Goldsmith '70  Craftsman: L'Artisan pg.12   

vol. 4, no.1, 1971 Three Woman Goldsmiths Craftsman: L'Artisan  pg. 4              

vol. 1, no.3, 1981 Metalmophics  Metalsmith  pg. 69

vol.2, no. 4, 1977 People of the Arts, Bev deJong Arts West  pg. 19-21

vol. 6, no.1, 1981 Metalmorphics Canada Crafts  pg. 33

11/20/1990           Novel Approaches to Metal The Globe & Mail  pg. T3

1973                      Bev  deJong Canadian Artists in Exhibition 72-73

Roundstone Council for the Arts &Canadian Arts Publication   pg. 62

1977                       Ornament & Object, Canadian Jewellery and Metal Art  Anne Burros pg.35,43,50, 63

2000                       Looking Forward, New Views of the Craft Object Ontario Crafts Council                pg.37


Professional Occupation

1967                                       Instructor  design,  art, jewelry, night classes                 Alberta College of Art        

1968 -1975                           Instructor  Full Time                                            Alberta College of Art        

1978 -1980                           Instructor  Part Time                                            Sheridan School of Design

1979                                       Technical Advisor for Harbourfront, Toronto

1978 – 2000                         Studio at Forge Studio/Gallery, Terra Cotta

2000-2003                            Studio and Gallery at the Williams Mill, Glen Williams

2003- 2013                           Studio 15 Isabella Street, Terra Cotta

2003-2011                            Instructor Childrens Classes  for Cacy, Caledon

2014                                       Studio at 651 Belyea Road Qualicum Beach,  B.C. V9K1H4


Public art Projects

Family Transition Place, Orangeville Key to success bronze wall sculpture

Dominion Seed House Garden         Fantasy gate steel garden sculpture


Private Commissions

Partidge Landscaping copper “Marsh Fountain

Partidge Landscaping copper “Oak Leaves” wall sculpture

Steel and Copper Garden Sculpture

Many private jewelry pieces


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