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Bev de Jong 

Sculptural oak leaf in hammered copper installed on residential wall by Bev de Jong


Behind the Works


I love the interaction of dynamic shapes, and the relationship of an art piece to its environment. Jewellery, for example, while it interacts with the body in size and motion tells a deeper story of the wearers' metaphysical world. The excitement of capturing an  internal and physical life by combing traditional hand techniques and materials such as  silver, gold, gems with other materials, such as  nails, is a process which is allways a discovery. 

My wall art expands into the spaces around it while relating to the tradition of a rectangular canvas. I like to work large and to integrate the piece with its environment. Using cement-like surfaces and patinas, I combine canvas, aggregates and metal to make a sculptural relief. These sculptural works which are often non-objective, used  subdued  colour and form to reflect the architectural shapes and spaces in which we live.
Women are a recurring theme in my work and at times are very recognizable. I have done Garden art in which a strong, steel female gate will change your perceptions, as she swings open to point the way. With a subtle line and slight bending of the steel she has a quiet strength derived from the earth. 
In each piece I hope to find a new perception of the world and to share it with you.


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